Prizer Family

W. Douglas & Fayette Prizer  had two children:

Mary Joan Prizer Dickson (1927-2010) and Douglas Crosby Prizer (1930-2000)

Current owners of “Seascape” are now the grandchildren:

Crosby's children: Paul Douglas Prizer, Jennifer Prizer McMahon, Beverly Prizer Thomas

And Mary Joan's children: Debra Spering, Sharon Donnelly, Keith Dickson, Bruce Dickson


About 1925-26, George Hart purchased two lots from the Barrys and gave these to his sons Merv and Don (known as Tod) along with funds sufficient for them to build their own cottages. Mervin and his wife Natalie built on the bluffs overlooking the Sound between the Barry and Pease houses. Merv sold his house to the artist Doug Prizer on October 25, 1937.  John Moore - A Brief History